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The Train Ride of Life ~ Thanksgiving 2023

The Train Ride of Life ~ Something to Think About for Thanksgiving 2023

By Don Drake, Connelly Law Offices, Ltd.

Elder Law Rhode Island

At a staff meeting held at Connelly Law last year, the discussion revolved around the holiday season and its significance. During the conversation, RJ Connelly III, certified elder law attorney, expressed his heartfelt desire that estranged families would reunite during this festive time of the year. He emphasized that many families who have lost a loved one regret the resentment that developed due to often minor and insignificant issues, and wished they could have that time back. This conversation reminded me of a touching experience I had while working with families of those living with HIV/AIDS in Boston. A few years ago, during one Thanksgiving week, a patient's sibling read a story at a holiday gathering that put the meaning of the day into perspective. Although the true author of this story is unknown, we would like to share it with you again during this week of Thanksgiving, 2023.


Life is like a train ride. We board it at birth, and our parents accompany us, making us feel like they will be with us forever. However, the train slows down at some point and stops at an unexpected station, where our parents get off and leave us alone to continue our journey. We have to say our final goodbyes and keep moving forward, but we will always cherish the memories of their love, guidance, friendship, and presence that will forever be with us.

As we journey through life, we encounter different people who come aboard the train with us. Some of them hold significant positions in our lives, such as siblings, friends, children, and even our soulmates. However, as we continue our journey, some will also disembark the train, leaving a void that can never be filled. Along the way, those who journey with us will face the same hurdles, tears, and losses that we all face in life. Some will linger on, offering a helping hand to those in need, while others will consider their journey a mere jaunt and enjoy every moment.

Within the train, a few individuals leave an indelible mark on us when they depart. On the other hand, some will get on and off so quickly that we may hardly notice their presence. It is only in retrospect that we may acknowledge the impact they had on our lives.

We might occasionally feel hurt and upset when our loved ones choose to sit in a different compartment or leave us to travel alone. Yet, we should remain positive and strive to seek them out. If we find them, they may be seated next to someone else, but instead of resenting them, we should be glad that they have found someone special to share their journey with.

As we move forward, we must endeavor to make the most of every moment. We should seek to understand and appreciate our travel companions, looking for the best in them, whatever their faults may be, for we, too, have them. We must remember that at any given time, anyone on this ride could have a weak moment and need our help. Therefore, we must be willing to support and uplift those around us as they may do for us when needed.

Life's journey is a mystery, and we do not know when our last stop will be. Nor do we know when our fellow passengers will disembark. Our separation from them will be painful, but we must take comfort in believing that we will meet them again at the final destination. We will be overjoyed to see them carrying their baggage, most of which they did not have when they first boarded the train.

We should cherish the memories of the beautiful sights, relationships, and experiences we gained along the way, no matter how fleeting they were. So, on this Thanksgiving Day, let us all endeavor to make our journey as memorable and enjoyable as possible until we each disembark for the final time.

Happy Thanksgiving from RJ and the staff at Connelly Law.

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