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Connelly Law Offices, Ltd.  has an office in Pawtucket, Rhode Island and as of the 2010 census had a population of 71,148 people. Of Rhode Island's 39 cities and towns, Pawtucket is the fourth most populous city. One of the things that make this area special is the "Polar Express" train that is located in nearby Woonsocket, which brings visitors from all over the nation during the winter holiday season.


Providence County itself has a population of 626,667. With Cranston being the most populous city in the county and in the state, other cities in the county include Burrillville, Central Falls, Cumberland, and East Providence, Glocester, and Lincoln to name a few. With more than 239,000 households, of which over 30% have children and more than 44% are married couples, estate planning and elder law issues are highly relevant to the residents of Providence County.

Connelly Law Offices, Ltd. is a family owned business that was first established more than 40 years ago in 1970. Ever since then, our firm has been offering legal representation to the residents of Pawtucket in the areas of elder law,estate planning and probate. We also assist clients with a variety of fiduciary services and all aspects of estate administration and estate litigation. Our Pawtucket elder lawyer, R. J. Connelly followed in his father's footsteps by pursuing law and has more than 17 years of experience practicing law; he is admitted to practice law before the 

state and federal courts of Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Attorney Connelly is a certified elder law attorney, making him one out of only five in the entire state of Rhode Island and one out of five hundred in the United States.


Estate planning is for everyone, regardless of age or wealth. You should not wait until retirement age to set a plan in place, and this is especially the case if you're married, a parent, or if you own real estate property, or if you have any measurable assets, which you probably do. An estate comprises everything that you own from your home, to your automobiles, to land, personal possessions, life insurance, and cash in bank accounts, investments and so much more.

Without an estate plan, you have no way of controlling how your assets are distributed, nor can you fully control what should happen to you or your finances if you become incapacitated. Our Providence County estate planning attorney can help you plan for incapacitation or death by utilizing various tools such as advance directives for health care, living wills, creating a will, trusts, a power of attorney and more and we can also help you name a guardian for minor children.

In addition to estate planning, we handle all matters pertaining to elder law issues. Such areas covered under elder law include: Medicaid planningconservatorshipfiduciary services, estate planning, long-term care planning, long-term insurance and more. As one of five certified elder law attorneys in the entire state of Rhode Island, you can be rest assured that attorney Connelly will provide you and your family with maximum protection.


Our firm offers a variety of important services that help our clients manage their wealth and maximize their estate, all the while minimizing taxes as much as possible. Whether you're young or old, it's never too soon to begin creating an estate plan. Estate plans are very important to your overall financial plan, regardless if your estate is large or small and this is especially the case if you're married, have children or grandchildren or own any real estate. We can help you with wills, trusts, advance directives for health care, powers of attorney and all other estate planning documents.

Attorney R.J. Connelly works closely with several state organizations that focus on protecting the rights of the elderly. If you or your loved one are in need of fiduciary services, or need assistance with Medicaid planning or conservatorship, we have the knowledge and the tools to help you execute a plan that will protect your future and your estate. As one of only five certified elder law attorneys in the state, attorney Connelly has the most sophisticated education and training in this special area of law.



Have you been appointed an executor or an administrator of a Rhode Island estate? At Connelly Law Offices, our Pawtucket probate lawyer can provide you with the advice and guidance you need to administrate the estate seamlessly. We understand how estate administration is a large responsibility and it's one that must be executed with Rhode Island's laws and procedures in mind. With our help and guidance, we can help you every step of the way and take the mystery and confusion out of the process. In the case of a will contest, we provide representation in estate litigation as well.

If you need superior legal representation in an elder law, estate planning, or probate matter anywhere in Providence County or Rhode Island, don't hesitate to contact a Providence County estate planning attorney from Connelly Law Offices, Ltd. to arrange a complimentary consultation.


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