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When seniors begin to prepare their estate, they must be aware that there are some individuals or entities that would like to manipulate them for selfish means.  Far too often our elder law attorney has seen cases where seniors are taken advantage of by those closest to them.  The results can be disastrous, up to a complete dismissal of the senior's wishes when they pass away if there is no intervention.  These situations must be addressed promptly and professionally.


We proudly assist our clients with estate litigation cases throughout Rhode Island, Eastern Connecticut, Southeastern Massachusetts and Martha's Vineyard.  When it is necessary to protect a client’s rights, Connelly Law's attorneys and paralegal staff are aggressive and thorough in advocating for what is in the interest of a family and its caregivers. 

Elder Law Attorney for Rhode Island, Eastern Connecticut and Southeastern Massachusetts

Rhode Island, Southeastern Massachusetts and Eastern Connecticut Elder Law Attorney

With our legal counsel, we can help you reach conclusions in matters pertaining to:


  • Contested Wills - If a will is contested during probate, you will likely need civil litigation to end the matter and decide on how the will should be interpreted.

  • Breach of Fiduciary Duties - Personal representatives or trustees to an elder’s estate are permitted special responsibilities, or fiduciary duties, to help manage it. When they do not act in the best interest of the elder, they have breached their duties and caused a legal concern for everyone else.

  • Conversion of Assets - Dishonest parties will do what they can to gain a profit from an elder’s will or passing. We can protect your elder’s estate from financial exploitation, even if it means we must take the matter to court.

  • Trust litigation

  • Guardianships and Conservatorships

  • Forged Wills

  • Undue Influence

  • Lack of Capacity

  • Disinherited children or spouses

Rhode Island Wealth Management

Putting off necessary estate litigation does not resolve the matter and may create additional problems for you and your loved ones.  We suggest you take the initiative and retain the services of Rhode Island's Elder Law Attorney at Connelly Law Offices, Ltd. 


Contact us today and we can explain what we can do to protect your rights when litigation is necessary.


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This website includes general information about legal issues, issues affecting seniors and developments in the law. Such materials are for informational purposes only and may not reflect the most current legal developments. These informational materials are not intended, and must not be taken, as legal advice on any particular set of facts or circumstances. You need to contact a lawyer licensed in your jurisdiction for advice on specific legal issues and/or problems.

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