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Trust Administration - Rhode Island
Special Needs Trust Rhode Island

Many individuals and families create trust-based estate plans to avoid probate and other estate planning objectives. After the owner of a trust passes away, a trust administration process will take place. Trust administration allows the appointed trustees to carry out the terms of the trust. During the process, trustees manage the trust for the beneficiaries, who will eventually receive the assets or income the trust owns.

Trust administration is a necessary but often complicated part of estate planning. If you’ve been appointed as a trustee or a beneficiary of a trust, hiring a trust administration attorney will help you navigate the trust administration process. 

At Connelly Law, our team of estate planning professionals has successfully helped many clients navigate the complicated trust administration process throughout the courtrooms of southern New England. 

Responsible Trust Administration

A vital function in trust administration is establishing and maintaining a solid and respectful relationship with each beneficiary. Connelly Law Trust Administration professionals are committed to working with each beneficiary in an informed, responsible, and supportive fashion.  Our trust administration team performs various functions that properly fulfill their fiduciary obligations, which include:

  • Responsible and informed investment of trust assets;

  • Timely and accurate accounting of all trust assets;

  • Punctual and precise payments to and/or on behalf of beneficiaries;

  • Timely review and responsible processing of discretionary distribution requests;

  • Filing of fiduciary tax returns.

Special Needs Trusts

A Special Needs Trust enables people who are disabled, either mentally or physically, to receive an inheritance such as a home, life insurance, liquid accounts, etc, without jeopardizing their public benefits. This Estate Planning tool is created for disabled beneficiaries to obtain their rightful inheritance while allowing them to receive essential needs-based services, such as Medicaid, Supplemental Security Income, Social Security Disability Insurance, and other government benefits.  Connelly Law has a plethora of experience in administering and developing these types of trusts.

Experienced and Professional

Most trusts allow (and will pay for) the trustee to retain an attorney to handle the trust administration. Your Southern New England Certified Elder Law Attorney, RJ Connelly III, and his professional fiduciary staff will ensure that the trust administration goes smoothly and that all requirements under the law are met. If you are a trustee and would like to learn more about our trust administration services, don't hesitate to get in touch with us today!

Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut Certified Elder Law Attorney

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Trust Administration Rhode Island

"The trustee has many duties and responsibilities in the administration of the trust that must be undertaken to fulfill the trustee’s fiduciary duty to the trust's beneficiaries. It's important that the trustee consults with an experienced trust administration attorney to avoid potential personal liability for failing to fulfill the duties and responsibilities assumed by the trustee upon accepting that position.  Call us today!"

                                                                                                 ---  RJ Connelly III

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