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Elder Abuse and Exploitation

Name of Workshop/Presentation

Rhode Island, Southeastern Massachusetts and Eastern Connecticut Elder Law Attorney

Date and Time

June 14, 2019         8:30am -10:30am


Westerly Public Library

44 W Broad St

Westerly, Rhode Island

(401) 596-2877

Description of Presentation

The Federal Department of Justice reports that financial exploitation of the elderly is one of the most frequently reported forms of elder abuse. Every year, abuse and exploitation rob older Americans of nearly $3 billion, with the actual amount believed to be much higher. By 2030, people aged 65 and older will constitute 20% of the total U.S. population with those aged 85 and older ranking as one of the fastest growing populations in the country.


Given their advanced age and increased dependence on others coupled with the fact that older adults tend to have more financial assets, the elderly are particularly vulnerable to financial exploitation. This is especially the case where an elderly individual suffers from dementia or some other mental incapacity that weakens their ability to make sound financial decisions. Elder financial abuse can take many forms, including scams by telemarketers or other con artists, forgery, identity theft, or the use of undue influence to pressure an older adult to transfer his or her assets.


Those who perpetrate these crimes can be a stranger, such as an aide who comes into the home to assist with daily activities, or they can be someone in a position of trust, such as a family member.  In fact, close to 90% of elder financial abuse takes place in domestic settings instead of long-term care facilities and is normally caused by family members. This can be done through promises of lifelong care or through the use of a power of attorney authorizing the perpetrator to access an elder's financial assets. When criminals take advantage of older persons by forging a signature or coercing them to sign a will, the impact goes far beyond the pocketbook and affects the physical and emotional health of the victims.

This presentation will include a discussion of all forms of elder abuse.  Join us on Friday, June 14, 2019.


Don Drake, LADCI, Connelly Law Offices, Ltd.

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For more information, call the Westerly Public Library at the above number or contact Connelly Law Offices, Ltd. at 855-724-9400 and ask for Don Drake.

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