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Southern New England's Certified Elder Law Attorney

Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Massachusetts Certified Elder Law Attorney

Wealth Management - Connecticut

If you aspire to enjoy a comfortable retirement and to benefit persons and causes important to you, then you need a wealth management plan.   Our wealth management professionals work closely with investment advisors, accountants, pension consultants, life underwriters, and banking representatives to develop comprehensive estate plans and settle estates effectively.  


A substantial part of Connelly Law’s practice involves us serving as fiduciary in matters such as the trustee of complex trusts, acting as attorney-in-fact under a power of attorney, administrators of probate estates, and as conservators

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Professional Fiduciary Steeped in Experience

Most estate planning lawyers do little more than prepare legal documents, such as wills and trusts. Our wealth management attorney sees things differently. The wealth management services we offer focus primarily on asset allocation and protection. 

Estate Planning

Our clients cover the spectrum from individuals receiving state aid to those with assets of several million dollars. Working directly with the client and, where appropriate, the client’s family and accountants, it is our goal to provide sound tax and business planning advice and to create an estate plan that achieves the client’s goals in a manner that minimizes the time and expense of estate administration.

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Maximizing Your Retirement

Drawing on our wealth management and elder law expertise, we can advise you on even the most complicated issues regarding effectively distributing your retirement assets.   

Disabled Children

For disabled children, long term care planning is an important part of your wealth management plan and we design strategies to help with your child’s long term financial and health needs. 

Real Estate Purchases and Sales

Connelly Law’s total wealth management plan often include real estate.  With an experienced real estate broker on staff we regularly arrange for purchasing, selling, mortgaging or refinancing of homes, condominiums and business properties.  We also assist with intra-family transfers, co-ownership agreements, trust and inheritance planning for real estate.   To see more about our real estate services, click here.

Asset Protection

Asset protection is a strategic process involving multi-level planning. The importance of integrating asset protection as part of your overall wealth management plan to protect and preserve your assets cannot be overstated. 


By itself, even the most sophisticated plan may not protect your wealth against the many unforeseen events and economic threats that exist today, such as the high cost of long term care.


Our approach of integrating estate plans with asset protection strategies helps our clients recognize the potential exposures they and their beneficiaries may have and the role that effective advance planning plays in reducing or eliminating these threats. We ask, listen and deliver solutions that ensure your financial goals are realized, and your assets are protected.

Other Fiduciary Services We Provide
  • Paying bills and keeping detailed financial records, filing taxes and maintenance agreements.

  • Assistance with the estate planning documents and services performed as an attorney-in-fact for financial and healthcare decisions.

  • Confirm the accuracy of provider bills.

  • Consolidating, transferring, and closing accounts.

  • Preparation of probate inventories and accountings, trusts, and power of attorney.

  • Partnering with accountants to prepare and file all required income tax documents/returns.

  • Paying nursing home, medical and other bills.

  • Verify third-party calculations, such as pension, insurance, and other annuity payments.

  • Secure, monitor, sell, and manage all real estate assets.

  • Coordinate with accountants and investment professionals.

  • Insurance administration includes health, automobile, homeowner’s, personal property, liability, and long-term care programs.

  • Federal Rep payee services for VA and SSA.

  • Medicare benefits and Medicaid planning.

  • Serve as court-appointed guardian to manage and protect the financial needs of incapacitated adults.

Experts You Can Trust

We know that all financial decisions are interrelated. It’s reassuring to know that with Connelly Law, your Connecticut Elder Law Attorney, you have access to experts who can anticipate how each financial decision impacts your entire financial picture, including your short and long-term goals.  Isn’t it time you explored what’s possible with a wealth management attorney experienced in elder law, estate planning, financial planning, real estate sales and management, insurance law, and asset protection?


Our firm has provided Power of Attorney, Trustee, and Court Appointed Guardianship services to thousands of clients, with each case given personal oversight by RJ Connelly III and his dedicated team of fiduciary professionals. 

Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut Certified Elder Law Attorney

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As professional fiduciary, we aim to help older adults live independently, safely, and with dignity, whether in their own homes or alternative living situations. We work with seniors, baby boomers, and disabled persons to manage and protect their day-to-day finances, investment, and estate while ensuring their physical and mental well-being.  That's my promise to you.

                                                                                                  ---- RJ Connelly III

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