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Law gave us peace of mind at a very stressful time for all of us. They handled the estate from A-Z, managing all the details in a timely and professional manner."

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Downsizing and Estate Liquidation

Professional, compassionate, caring

Why Downsize?

The kids are gone.  You have a large house and it now feels empty.  You are still comfortable in the house but the high cost of heating and cooling a large house is cutting into your fixed income.  


Why move at all? What is the point? Well, as we see it there are at least two reasons.

The first reason is that studies have shown that seniors who stay actively engaged both socially and intellectually live longer, healthier and more satisfying lives. It has been proven time and time again and when you talk to people who are active and healthy at the ages of 83, 93 and even 103, they will tell you it is because they have stayed active AND they have stayed engaged.

“Is downsizing required for me to stay active and engaged,” you might ask? No necessarily, however, if you are no longer comfortable or if it isn’t safe to drive any longer, it makes it more challenging to be active. And then there is the time involved in maintaining a large home that sometimes prevents senior adults from being as active as they might otherwise be. We will address this in reason #2 for choosing to downsize.

Being active and engaged doesn’t necessarily mean you need to be a social butterfly. Not everyone loves being “a joiner.” There is undoubtedly no shortage of social activities for the social butterfly in many active adult communities, but there are also other ways to stay active and engaged. In virtually every 55+ community we have visited they either have these things on site or they provide transportation to a nearby location that offers them: gyms, theaters, art classes, musical shows, plays, libraries, college courses, museum displays, and more.


There are many reasons why seniors move to smaller residences. Downsizing, or "rightsizing", allows you to live and experience more without the worrying about the maintenance of owning a home. Your home of many years may no longer be practical due to multiple levels or you may be moving for medical, mobility and support reasons.

  1. Transitioning from your current living situation - Our Seniors in Transition Services helps seniors, loved ones, and caregivers transition from their current living environment to senior communities, assisted living, nursing homes, or retirement living.

  2. Transitioning from a Hospital or Rehab back into the home - Our Seniors in Transition Services helps seniors who are aging in place and planning to return home after a stay in a hospital or rehab.  

  3. Downsizing - Our Seniors in Transition Services can oversee selling the property, provide clean-out, schedule charitable donations, and home repairs.

  4. Aging in Place - Our Seniors in Transition Services can help those seniors who are choosing to age in place by finding appropriate in-home care services, Daily Money Management and bill paying, nutritional needs, property management, and much more.


Connelly Law's Seniors in Transition Services is a one-stop solution for seniors and their caregivers in helping them successfully transition from or to any living situation without multiple phone calls, planning, dealing with different companies and different people.  Let us take care of everything for you.  One call does it all.

Starting the Process

A phone call to our office at 401-724-9400 starts it all.  Let our staff know you are interested in our Seniors in Transition Services and make an appointment to meet Attorney RJ Connelly III.  We then meet with you, your family or your caregiver personally.  This meeting allows us to know exactly what your personal needs are and permits us to meet you and you to meet us.  Attorney Connelly insists on this as it is his experience that a personal and comfortable relationship is built upon understanding and trust.  

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We also know that each and every client has unique and special needs and should you decide to retain our services, we can begin tailoring our solutions to meet your circumstances.  At this point, our firm begins to develop a customized plan to meet your needs and specific goals with a timeline.  If a home is involved, we can schedule repairs, do a home assessment, discuss improvements, and more.  

We can build a total comprehensive plan including drafting legal documents and an estate plan, setting up in-home providers, managing finances, monitoring accounts to avoid any fraud, and paying bills to something as small as just providing daily money management.  We will also communicate and coordinate with any outside services we put into place as well as the client to insure that the fit is right.

The Benefits

  1. Connelly Law's Seniors in Transition Services eliminates the headaches, stresses, and hassles associated with senior transitions by having one point of contact for the entire plan.

  2. Peace of mind and one-stop services.

  3. Because RJ Connelly III is a certified elder law attorney, the gold standard for elder law attorneys, and practices in all three southern New England states, this service can eliminate the need to hire legal assistance when property or assets are owned in other states.  Again, one point of contact. 

  4. With Connelly Law's Seniors in Transition Services, one phone call does it all.

Why Seniors in Transition Services

It's our boutique approach to helping seniors, their families, retirees, and caregivers that is second to none.  With over four decades of providing legal services in southern New England, we are experienced in all aspects of elder law and have built a network of vetted and trusted providers.  Our firm is dedicated to providing personalized solutions and a plan built upon your unique needs and circumstances.  

Rhode Island, Southeastern Massachusetts and Eastern Connecticut Elder Law Attorney

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