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Professional Fiduciary Services - Connecticut
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Professional Fiduciary Steeped in Experience

A Professional Fiduciary accepts responsibility for taking care of the personal or financial needs of another.  The duties of a fiduciary depend on whether the services provided are for those deceased or still living.


Connelly Law’s Professional Fiduciary services provide management and oversight of the specific needs of our clients, which may include financial matters, issues of personal care, and in some cases, end-of-life decisions.

Our mission is to professionally and ethically facilitate the needs and desires set forth by our clients.  We can accomplish this by taking the time to learn and understand each client's unique circumstances and wishes and building our services around them.  We do not take a cookie cutter approach.

An Ethical and Professional Team

Connelly Law’s Professional Fiduciaries possess the highest level of compassion, commitment, integrity, and loyalty to our clients.  Our team is highly skilled and comes with experience and knowledge that is truly invaluable.   When help is needed in managing the affairs of those who cannot, Connelly Law Offices, Ltd. provides experienced, trustworthy assistance in managing personal or estate finances. 


Many seniors with family choose to appoint a Professional Fiduciary to avoid burdening family members. Even the most capable adult child is frequently fully committed to work and home responsibilities and may not live conveniently nearby. And, of course, many family members would not be a good choice for fiduciary work due to the lack of appropriate skills or the potential for conflict with siblings or other relatives.


The professional fiduciary team at Connelly Law Offices, Ltd., your Connecticut professional fiduciary, can provide those services.  Connelly Law's Professional Fiduciary services can meet those needs, whether providing day-to-day bill-paying services or ensuring that a loved one’s will and estate wishes are carried out correctly and efficiently.


The Professional Fiduciary team at Connelly Law, your Connecticut Elder Law Attorney, has a deep understanding of how responsible stewardship of assets through generations works and is able to translate that into efficient and meaningful fiduciary services, as evidenced by our track record of success.  We take pride in our ability to professionally complete accountings, manage complex assets, implement complex administration techniques, support elders, and utilize technology.

Services We Offer

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Estate Administration

Trust Administration

Special Needs Trust Administration

Power of Attorney

Daily Money Management

Representative Payee Service

Real Estate

Wealth Management

Your Connecticut Elder Law Attorney at Connelly Law Offices, Ltd. provides objectivity, professionalism, continuity, experience and personal familiarity that compliment our clients’ needs and goals.  It is our duty and honor, as a professional fiduciary, to protect the wishes and best interests of those we represent.

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"Our Representative Payee services use the beneficiary’s Social Security and/or SSI payments to pay for his/her current needs and to maintain accurate records for the beneficiary and others as required. This ensures that necessities like rent, utilities, and other bills are paid and current for someone who has difficulty in managing money.  We are responsible for determining your needs and the best way to use your funds to meet those needs."

                                                                                                                ---- RJ Connelly III

Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut Certified Elder Law Attorney

Rhode Island Fiduciary

"Southern New England's Certified Elder Law Attorney"

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