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Connelly Law is a Rhode Island elder law attorney specializing in estate planning and probate law as well as a variety of fiduciary services





Southern New England's Certified Elder Law Attorney

Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Massachusetts Certified Elder Law Attorney

Connelly Law Offices, Ltd. Rhode Island Elder Law Attorney, Connecticut Elder Law Attorney, and Massachusetts Elder Law Attorney specializes in estate planning, probate law, and various fiduciary services. Our firm was established in 1970, and we have continuously served the citizens of Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Massachusetts for over five decades. Our Rhode Island Elder Law Attorney, Connecticut Elder Law Attorney, and Massachusetts Elder Law Attorney help clients create clear and concise estate plans to protect their assets throughout their lives and after they pass away. For clients who are facing probate regarding a loved one's estate, we can assist them throughout the entire process.


As professional fiduciaries, we also help elderly clients who wish to plan for retirement, need fiduciary assistance, or need representation during an elder exploitation case.

Our firm regularly appears before all probate courts within Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Massachusetts and works closely with several state agencies. These agencies are responsible for protecting elders in the community and long-term care facilities.

Connelly Law Offices, Ltd.

We offer our clients the highest quality of legal representation and are licensed to practice before the Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Federal Bars.


RJ Connelly III is an award-winning Rhode Island elder law attorney specializing in estate planning, probate law, and fiduciary services. Since 1970, we have continued to provide legal services to the fine citizens of Rhode Island, MassachusettsConnecticut, and Martha's Vineyard

Protect What Matters Most
Couple discussing Medicaid Planning Rhode Island

Wills allow you to appoint guardians, select an executor, and indicate which of your property will go to chosen beneficiaries/heirs. 

Depending on the types of trust you choose, they may protect your assets during your lifetime and still allow you to manage the items or transfer the assets out of your name.


With some types of trusts, you can no longer manage the assets once the trust is executed.

Estate plans protect not only your assets but you and your family. If created properly, your estate plan should include an advance healthcare directive, powers of attorney, trusts, and a will. Powers of attorney and an advance healthcare directive state your medical wishes regarding certain types of illnesses.

Depending on a loved one's estate, potential creditors, and beneficiaries, the probate process may be challenging or relatively simple. Our Rhode Island elder law attorney can assist clients facing either type of probate. We offer estate litigation representation for beneficiaries who wish to contest an estate or will. We may also walk clients through the probate process and an estate's administration. Regarding elder law, our team can help clients with guardianship, elder exploitation, retirement planning, and fiduciary services. Fiduciary services include daily money management, asset management and protection, attorney-in-fact, representative payee, and trustee services.

Medicaid Planning and Crisis Planning

Medicaid planning assists a potential Medicaid applicant in advance of and preparation for their Medicaid application. This process can be as simple as helping collect and prepare available documents or as complicated as completely restructuring an individual's financial assets.

Much of the complexity of Medicaid planning occurs when an individual’s monthly income or resources exceed financial eligibility limits.

Medicaid Planning Connecticut

There are several financial tools available to address these issues. However, many of these transactions require the legal and/or financial expertise of an experienced elder law attorney. Another major complicating factor is when one spouse requires long-term care, and the other can live independently. How are their incomes and assets divided? This is a challenge that the Medicaid planning experts at Connelly Law can help overcome.

Unfortunately, some individuals fail to realize the value of Medicaid Pre-Planning until they face the financial burden of long-term care. And other times, change can occur quickly in the form of a sudden illness or serious accident. When an individual finds himself or herself in sudden need of long-term care, it may be extremely difficult to qualify for Medicaid to cover that care when there are assets available.  Again, Connelly Law can help.

Connelly Law Advocates for Seniors and Their Families

Attorney RJ Connelly III and his team advocate for the elderly and their loved ones.  We handle a wide range of legal matters affecting an older or disabled person, including health care, long-term care planning, guardianship, retirement, Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid, and other essential matters.  

Couple discussing Medicaid Planning Connecticut

Our Rhode Island elder law attorney and staff provide the highest level of representation and service to individuals facing estate planningprobate law, or elder law issues. The cornerstone of our success is the high-quality relationships we maintain with clients and keeping abreast of all rapidly changing laws pertaining to the fields of probate, estate planning, and elder law. Our clients are treated with the dignity and respect they deserve, and we strive to meet their needs, goals, and objectives. While this website does not contain legal advice, we hope it will provide you with information about our firm and guidance to assist you in making a well-informed choice.

Connelly Law Practices in Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Massachusetts

Attorney RJ Connelly III is the only certified elder law attorney licensed to practice in Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Massachusetts.  Because of this, he has a unique understanding of the complexities and nuances of each state’s laws surrounding elder law, estate planning, probate matters, and Medicaid planning. Retaining the services of Connelly Law eliminates the need to seek separate representation in each locality.  

RJ Connelly III is truly Southern New England's Certified Elder Law Attorney!  Remember, when you use Connelly Law Offices, Ltd. you can rest assured you are using the           

 "Gold Standard" of elder law attorneys.

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Attorney RJ Connelly III certified elder law attorney

"When it comes to protecting the rights of the elderly and their families, finding experienced legal representation is important in helping navigate the complicated laws involved with estate planning, trusts, guardianships, probate, Medicaid planning, and other elder law matters. Our firm is experienced with all legal issues associated with aging and disabilities including a wide variety of legal, medical, financial, social, and family issues.  And, we are a professional fiduciary, helping seniors manage their finances, allowing them to age in place as long as possible."

-----  RJ Connelly III

Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Massachusetts Certified Elder Law Attorney

Rhode Island Fiduciary

"Southern New England's Certified Elder Law Attorney"

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