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This Week on southcoast seniors

February 27, 2020

"Using Tech for Senior Safety"

Raymond Melanson

Owner, Next Monitoring, Inc. Alert Systems

State of the art electronic monitoring for senior safety

Next Monitoring, Inc. offers state of the art in home and on the go medical alert systems, monitored by CSAA certified agents. From basic systems to extremely sophisticated ones with GPS technology and automatic fall detection, we will discuss the electronic monitoring industry and what new systems are on the horizon, including  EverThere cloud technology, GPS tracking and geofencing.  Join us on Southcoast Seniors for this important discussion on keeping seniors safe.

Memory Lane Song

"Leaving On a Jet Plane "


Peter, Paul and Mary

This week's Memory Lane request comes from Cindy in Pawcatuck, Ct. who asks to hear her "favorite" hippie group from the 1960s.  "This song brings back memories of high school, new boyfriends and my family.  I loved 'Leaving on a Jet Plane', and I would love to actually hear it on the radio again."

Ask RJ

From Jerry in Danielson, CT - My dad had a stroke, which has led to aphasia and mild dementia. He can't communicate the right words but he seems to be able to understand, although he forgets things. Before his stroke, he put me on his bank account to manage paying his bills. I am also the beneficiary on his life insurance and annuities. Do I still need to have him sign a power of attorney to make this relationship legal?  Any downside to this?

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