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Safe Harbor Services

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Charting a Course for the Journey of Dementia

Daily Money Management

Aging in Place

The future of senior care is a concept called aging in place.  Aging in place means a person making a conscious decision to stay in the residence of their choice for as long as they can with the comforts that are important to them. As they age these may include adding supplementary services to facilitate their living conditions and maintain their quality of life.

People diagnosed with dementia may have cognitive impairment and lose their ability to perform daily functions, such as taking their medication, paying bills and driving safely but is aging in place is still possible for them until the later stages of the disease. Home health aides and professional fiduciary services can help a senior remain in the home where everything is familiar and provides a level of comfort.

As we overcome adversity in our lives, we will become stronger.  Then we will be better able to help others, those who are working, in their turn, to find a safe harbor from the storms that rage about them.

                                             -- Joseph B. Wirthlin

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Daily Money Management

Daily money management (DMM) services offered by Connelly Law Offices provide personal financial assistance to seniors who can no longer handle certain aspects of money management. Whether an older person needs comprehensive help or just a monthly reminder to pay bills, our services can mean the difference between living independently and residing in a nursing home. Our services also offer relief to family members who are providing care to their older parents or relatives.

Our daily money management services acts as a personal financial assistant. The most requested services we provide are:

  • bill paying

  • maintaining financial records

  • preparing budgets

  • balancing checkbooks

  • negotiating with creditors

We also prepare checks for clients to sign, help older people organize bank and financial records, prepare and deliver bank deposits, gather documents for tax returns, help decipher medical bills, and review bank statements in order to detect potential financial abuse or fraud.

Staying Home Longer

Studies show that services like those we offer can help seniors remain in their homes longer and avoid costly nursing home care. Daily Money Management services ensure that bills get paid on time, checks are deposited, and taxes get paid. This helps avoid eviction, foreclosure, utility shutoffs, and other debt trouble.

Relieve the Burden on Family Members

More often than not, when elders need help managing money, adult children or relatives step in. Yet often adult children live far away or 

Protect Against Scams

According to the National Center on Elder Abuse, services like ours can play a role in protecting the elderly from financial abuse or scams. We review bank and credit card statements, looking for signs of abuse or fraud -- such as large, unexplained withdrawals of money, checks written to charities or other groups in unreasonably large amounts, or any other suspicious activity.

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have busy lives that make daily, hands-on money management difficult or impossible.  It can also lead to family squabbles and distrust. Our services provide family members and other caregivers relief from some or all daily money management tasks. 

We Are Professional Fiduciaries

A professional fiduciary is any person or institution that has the power to act on behalf of another in situations that require the utmost trust, honesty, and loyalty. But it's more than just the power to act. A fiduciary also has a legal obligation to act in a trustworthy and honest manner on behalf of those he represents.

We Are Members of the American Association of Daily Money Managers (AADMM)

AADMM is the ONLY national organization for daily money management and provides members with continuing education, and a forum for sharing best practices with a growing community of professionals committed to excellence.

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