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At Connelly Law Offices, Ltd., your Rhode Island elder law attorney, we are fierce advocates of our clients’ best interests. We understand the importance of effective representation because it plays a vital role in your personal future. If we are able to assist our clients in making the right choices for their families, their finances and their future, we transform the lives of individuals, and ultimately the community at large.

Each member of our team possesses unique strengths that, when combined, adds value and relevance to our clients’ cases. We provide clients with creative, collaborative and realistic solutions for real problems. Whether you need help with an elder law concern, Medicaid planning, fiduciary issue, probate or real estate matter, our team - led by Attorney RJ Connelly III - will help you create a personalized plan of action that suits your unique needs.


If you are ready to take a bold step toward a brighter future, we are here for you!


Southern New England's Certified Elder Law Attorney

A Certified Elder Law Attorney - One of the Finest

Elder Law Attorney for Rhode Island, Eastern Connecticut and Southeastern Massachusetts

We're Here For You

No matter what legal matters you are facing regarding your elder law concern --  estate planningreal estateMedicaid planning or probate, you will feel the difference with Connelly Law Offices, Ltd. We provide outstanding legal service with patience and compassion. In addition to our devotion to our clients, the following characteristics of our firm are a few key values that set us apart from the others:

  • Clients will receive our professional and honest opinion without the exorbitant cost;

  • Clients are treated with respect, honor, and integrity;

  • Our legal team explores every avenue for the best possible outcome;

  • Clients will enjoy the benefit of attentive and personal legal representation;

  • Clients can speak with us at their own convenience, not someone else’s.


Devotion to our Clients

Becoming a Certified Elder Law Attorney is not a task that every lawyer can easily accomplish. A Certified Elder Law Attorney must be in good standing, have years of elder law practice, attend 15 hours of continuing legal education in elder law each year, submit to peer review, and pass a comprehensive written exam. Currently, there are less than 1000 CELAs in the United States, and there are only a handful in the State of Rhode Island!


Our firm's lead attorney, award-winning elder law attorney, R.J. Connelly III, is not only a CELA, but a member of the National Elder Law Foundation, the Rhode Island Bar Association, the Connecticut Bar Association, the Massachusetts Bar Association, and the Federal Bar. Together, he and his team have the ability to help every client in any area of estate planning, elder law, or probate.

Attorney Connelly is also a professional fiduciary. Professional fiduciaries provide critical services to seniors and persons with disabilities.  Our professional fiduciary team manages financial matters for clients that affect daily care, housing and medical needs, and also offers financial management services ranging from basic bill paying to estate and investment management


Our clients find it easy to trust and depend on our services because we uphold the highest standards of ethical practices and professional assistance. Since our founding, Connelly Law Offices, Ltd. has fostered strong, personal client-attorney relationships that have endured the test of time.  If you are ready to work with Connelly Law Offices, Ltd., do not hesitate to give us a call at 401-724-9400!

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Rhode Island elder law attorney

At Connelly Law, we are committed to our clients and to doing whatever it takes to provide them with the best results possible.  We offer elite services in the area of elder law, no matter how simple or how complex the situation may be. It is our client’s best interests and the desire to provide the finest elder law and fiduciary services possible that drives us.  When you need a top elder law attorney at your side, contact Connelly Law Offices.

                                                                                                           ---- RJ Connelly III

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