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Rhode Island, Southeastern Massachusetts and Eastern Connecticut Elder Law Attorney

Rhode Island Elder Law Attorney - Representative Payee Programs

Elder Law Attorney for Rhode Island, Eastern Connecticut and Southeastern Massachusetts

Connelly Law's Representative Payee Program

In specialized situations, Connelly Law Offices, Ltd. may offer representative payee programs for a client.


The Representative Payee Program serves as the institutional representative or “rep” payee for individuals and families to ensure their monthly bills are paid on time and in full.  The program serves as the payee for individuals and families who receive Social Security income, ensuring that their rent, utilities, past debt and other expenses are paid each month. 


In some circumstances, we may help the client negotiate past debts and repayment plans with the debtor. 

To be eligible for the program, the recipient must receive Social Security or some type of disability benefit and be certified by a physician to be incapable of money management.  Connelly Law Offices, Ltd. accepts referrals from local social service organizations, mental health facilities, Social Security Administration, Veterans Administration, and private physicians. 


Our Representative Payee Program can help with: 


  • Setting up direct deposit accounts

  • Monitoring accounts

  • Reviewing, processing and paying household bills

  • Assisting with household budgets to maximize funds

  • Assisting in the development of basic money management skills

  • Increasing the client’s personal safety by protecting benefits and deterring possible theft

  • Provide financial management to Social Security beneficiaries who have demonstrated an inability to properly handle funds

  • Tailored spending plans managed through an electronic debit card

Our Representative Payee Program provides the following benefits to consumers and their loved ones:

  • The peace of mind knowing that basic needs are being met;

  • The security of a third party that has the client's best interests in mind when managing funds;

  • A comprehensive spending plan to determine the availability of funds.

Connelly Law Offices, Ltd.'s Representative Payee Program is an approved Fee for Service Program as permitted by the Social Security Administration. This means that the payee program charges each individual a monthly service fee.

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Our Representative Payee services use the beneficiary’s Social Security and/or SSI payments to pay for his/her current needs and to maintain accurate records for the beneficiary and others as required. This ensures that necessities like rent, utilities, and other bills are paid and current for someone who has difficulty in managing money.  

                                                                                                                ---- RJ Connelly III

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