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Why "A Christmas Story" Gets Better With Age

Most movies that we see are forgettable, in the theaters for a brief time, make their way to pay-per-view, and then onto cable TV to run on late-night cycles. Then there are those that are classics, forever etched into our memories, "The Wizard of Oz" and "Gone with the Wind", just to name a couple. But with the arrival of the holiday season, there is one movie that says "classic" to me and that's "A Christmas Story". And why is a Christmas Story such a classic? Well, let's discuss this and I'll give you my own experiences with this movie.

"A Christmas Story" is an American classic

It was December of 1985 and I was making my first of many annual business trips to the west coast and then onto Asia. My first stop was always California, then Hawaii, and on to Japan, the Philippines, Guam, and back again – a trip lasting nearly a month meaning that I managed to make it home just in time for Christmas every year. I was obviously much younger with small kids and traveling so far was not ideal but it was a part of my profession at the time.

Getting into the holiday mood was difficult when on the road, especially in areas where tropical conditions