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When is it Time to Take the Keys?

We have received several requests to rerun our blog written earlier this year about the issue of seniors and when it should be time to discuss taking away the car keys. A number have clients have told us that their senior parents are doing more driving as a result of the lack of summer destination vacations due to the coronavirus, opting instead to take more rides and day trips to local parks and beaches rather than remain in the house. If this holds to be true, many may need to assess the driving skills of their older loved ones if they are indeed choosing to spend more time on the road. So let's go back to earlier in the year when we first published this blog.

Three women were seriously injured in Seekonk

It was January 2 into the new year when an elderly driver in Seekonk, Massachusetts backed into three women, pinning one under the car. According to one bystander, “He continued going backward and hit everybody and everything in his way.” All three women were seriously injured, the most serious injury occurring to the woman pinned underneath the vehicle.