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Welcome Back Patti - A Lady Living With Early Onset Alzheimers Returns to Writing

This month is Alzheimer's and Brain Awareness Month as recognized by the Alzheimer's Association. The purpose of the month is to highlight the fact that diseases like Alzheimer's and other dementias are significant public health issues that must be discussed and researched. It also brought to mind a friend of Connelly Law who we met in April of 2019. Her name is Patti Barr Hagadorn, age 65, who at that time was writing a column for the Fort Wayne Sentinel, a well-known Indiana newspaper in America's Heartland.

Patti Barr Hagadorn - diagnosed with EOD

Patti's column was unique. Why? Because she was diagnosed with early-onset dementia (EOD) and used that column to document her descent into this dark world. But shortly after doing this blog on her, she stopped her writing. Plagued by her increased symptoms of EOD and sundowner's syndrome, she no longer had the strength to put her thoughts to paper. But recently, something amazing has happened, and before we discuss this, let's learn more about Patti and EOD.