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Vaping and Seniors - Not A Safe Alternative to Smoking Tobacco

Last Sunday morning, I went outside and sat in the warm south coast sun, enjoying the last weekend of summer while thinking about the concert we had seen the night before featuring The Four Tops and The Temptations in Cohasset, Massachusetts. As the first few bars of "My Girl" began to go through my brain, I noticed puffs of white smoke rising over the back fence. My neighbor, John, was outside so I assumed he was cranking up his grill early for the Labor Day weekend, but strangely, the puffs of smoke seemed to be moving. Just then, he came around the corner proudly showing me his new “vape machine” that, according to him, would help him stop smoking and start to “live healthy" once again.

Vaping is rapidly "catching on" with baby boomers - but at what cost

This is great stuff,” said John. “All natural, only thing going into my lungs and coming out is water vapor.” After 40 years of smoking, John had made a commitment to stop and felt that vaping would do the trick. But...just water vapor? Really?