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The News Isn't Really New Anymore

by Guest Blogger Kathleen Heren, Rhode Island State Long Term Care Ombudsman
Kathleen Heren

It is almost impossible to turn on the TV or read a newspaper without notification of 3 or 4 disasters of the day. With a 24-hour news cycle, we are informed of shootings, plane crashes, violent crimes, and the list goes on. Just as depressing is our federal government playing a game of chicken with our economy and our lives. The world is not falling apart, but you would surely think it was by what we are being fed. It seems as if the media is in constant competition to see who can break the story first and how much more disgusting they can make the details.

I am not implying that listening to the news isn’t educational and keeps us in tune with our world. Why is it that negativity leads us to accept the worse instead of the positive side of life? Individuals who constantly indulge in a steady input of violence and negativity find it starts to act on their personal problems. You become more edgy, sad, and depressed. Thoughts of “why should I bother; look what’s going on in the world” are commonly heard by psychologists.