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The "H" Word

By Laura Wischnowsky, Community Liaison with Continuum Hospice & Palliative Care, Guest Blogger
Laura Wischnowsky

Hospice. This is a difficult word for some people. Just the mention of the “H” word can invoke tears and fear of immediate death. Some people even whisper the word, for fear their dying loved one will hear it. How very sad that hospice has this terrifying stigma because so many people with life-limiting illnesses miss out on the benefits available to them and their family members.

My name is Laura Wischnowsky, and I have worked in nursing homes since I was in high school. From dining room attendant and receptionist to CNA to Admissions Director, eventually becoming a licensed Nursing Home Administrator. Over the years, I have had the great privilege of helping hundreds of residents and their families through the process of selecting and settling into a long-term care facility, and then collaborating with the nurses and social workers to help the residents and families navigate through difficult en