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Rhode Island Needs Zambarano Hospital - Part 2

Last week, we looked at the history of Zambarano Hospital and briefly discussed why the facility is facing closure. This week, we will look a little deeper into this and how such closure will not only affect the patients but family members and staff as well.

Zambarano Hospital main entrance

Since our last blog, there has been a flurry of activity from the Statehouse down to local governments. Last week, WPRI reported that in Governor McKee's new budget, he was proposing that a new long-term care facility be built on the grounds of Zambarano, replacing the current hospital.

For the construction to begin on this new hospital, McKee stated that money would be borrowed ($53.6 million) to help pay for the cost of the project, which is projected to be $65 million and take over three years to complete. According to the budget documents, the new building would have "85 beds" and "provide care to patients with complex medical issues such as acquired or traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord traumas."