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Rhode Island Needs Zambarano Hospital - Part 1

It opened up over a century ago on the shores of Lake Wallum. It has been cited repeatedly as one of the “most haunted places" in Rhode Island, sadly, the only thing many people know about this location. What we are talking about is Zambarano Hospital, and the reality is, it’s a place of miracles, not poltergeists.

Zambarano Hospital in Burrillville, RI

Since its founding, the hospital has saved countless lives, provided support and understanding to family members, and helped broken individuals become whole again. But today, Zambarano is fighting to save its own life as the current state house administration is planning to close it down.

“I'm always taken aback by the number of people I speak with who have no idea about the wonderful work that occurs at Zambarano Hospital," said Attorney RJ Connelly III, who has had many clients he provided services for at that location.