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Protect Yourself From the COVID-19 Scams

A politician once said, “never let a good crisis go to waste” and no one takes this advice to heart more than the scammers who love to separate you from your money, especially during this current health crisis. What is more disgusting than some thief sitting in a basement trying to separate a senior from their hard-earned money at a time when the economy is in dire straights and the news media continues to blast “models” that indicate widespread illness and death. But they do it and do it with relative ease with no conscious and little in the way of legal repercussions.

This week, a senior called our office and questioned an email she had received regarding her investments. The message stated that they could help her "invest safely and profit handsomely in the uncertain financial markets driven by the pandemic", and all she had to do was provide them with her checking account numbers and they would do the rest. And you can bet they would.

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