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Problem Gambling and Seniors, Part One - The Psychology of the Casino

"We are going to begin a five-part series about problem gambling and our seniors," said certified elder law Attorney RJ Connelly. "I believe it goes without saying that gambling is not a way to fund your retirement." Problem gambling for seniors certainly can lead to catastrophic outcomes, both emotionally and financially for those who live on fixed incomes.

Attorney RJ Connelly III

"We are not dealing with a thirty-year-old who has time to recoup their losses," stated Attorney Connelly. "Seniors do not have a whole lot of time to recover from devastating losses. These are individuals who have worked their entire life with a plan in place to provide for their retirement. Suddenly they find themselves dipping into retirement accounts, selling that second house, or even taking out a mortgage on their current home. Problem gambling disrupts and destroys a gambler's personal life and creates the kind of stress no one in their senior years should be experiencing."

Our series on Gambling Addiction and Seniors will be in five parts: