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Preparing Our Seniors for Winter 2021-22

It’s already the third week of October and time to begin preparing for the fast-approaching winter chill. Given that, the weather here in the Northeastern part of the United States isn’t exactly giving us a preview of winter – more like a review of summer, but we know all too well how quickly things can change. In the coming weeks, the seventy-degree weather will be quickly replaced by a frosty chill and the vibrant colors of the changing leaves will have passed as they now litter the ground.

The first snow is right around the corner

In mid-September, we knew that the seasons were changing as pumpkins began to show up everywhere, from coffee shops to bakeries and on the front steps of homes heralding the onset of autumn and with it, a reminder that the holidays are rapidly approaching.

But...we are getting ahead of ourselves. "It's time once again to think about our seniors and preparing them for the winter weather and making sure their apartments and homes are safe and everything inside is in good working order," said certified elder law attorney RJ Connelly III. "This process is important especially this winter as many homes were not able to have these safety checks during the past year due to the COVID lockdown."