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Living in Fear - Bullying in Senior Living Communities

Baby Boomers make up a substantial portion of the world's population and here in the United States, they represent nearly 28% of the American public. By the year 2031, the number of adults age 65 and older is expected to double, and with this increase will come problems that senior care facilities - low income elderly and disabled housing, and to a lesser extent, nursing homes and assisted living programs - will be forced to deal with. One of those problems, senior "bullying", has been downplayed by some in the eldercare field as "non-existent" or "blown out of proportion" while others in the field state that this is a major problem affecting one in every five seniors.

Bullying in senior housing programs

What also must now be factored into this mix is our current political climate, how the COVID pandemic will change the face of many senior care programs, and what attitudes and beliefs the baby boomers are bringing into congregate living facilities.

Our current societal climate has become so divisive, with any perceived disagreement being viewed through the lens of discrimination or any number