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"Follow the Science" Cannot Be Used As a Shield

What has become of the American attention span? It seems that we are unable to pay attention to more than one thing at a time and easily distracted by the next shiny object that catches our attention. As a former pro wrestler, think about a wrestling match where you witnessed the “bad guy” reach into his tights and pull out a foreign object and jab it into the eyes of his "good guy" competitor, unfortunately, 5000 people in attendance see this but the referee, who is standing just inches away, doesn’t. This goes on and on until the good guy grabs the object, the referee suddenly sees it and disqualifies the good guy. It’s infuriating to the fans but all part of the illusion in which the wrestlers, the referee, and the paying public all knowingly participate in the art of manipulation and being willing to be manipulated - or priming, using a term from psychology. Think of COVID-19 as our society's foreign object or shiny thing that has a great number of Americans mesmerized and falling for the priming by the media and our "leaders". Why are we suddenly oblivious to everything happening around us while “shiny” COVID seems to be blinding us?

A pro wrestling match involves everyone

"Follow the science" has been the mantra with many during this pandemic while seemingly ignoring the "science" in other health care and economic areas. A good number of those who use this phrase are actually ignoring "science" or selectively following the "science" that supports