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Estate Planning in a COVID-19 Environment

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Last Friday, our office received a call from a client very concerned about an estate plan she and her husband had done nearly a decade ago when they lived in Montana. The couple, in their late 60s, moved to Connecticut in 2017 and were quite concerned given the current situation with COVID-19.

“So much has happened in our lives since we did this plan,” she told Attorney Connelly. “My son was divorced and remarried, my daughter had twins and we sold some property and we bought some property. I'm worried sick right now. What if something happens to us and we didn't make the changes we should have?”

And their concerns were well placed. First, estate plans are not national plans. Each state has its own laws with some nuances around these documents. These nuances may be trivial, but they could open the door to problems. State laws may also vary on other issues such as living