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Delta-8-THC ~ Is It "CBD Oil on Steroids?"

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

I was at the gym late last week when a sixty-plus-year-old acquaintance came over to where I was bench pressing as if he was on a mission. "Hey buddy", Roland said, "how's life treatin' ya?" I responded that all was good when he launched into a diatribe about living a "natural life". Roland went on to explain that he was taking a number of supplements, dropped a few pounds, and had been attending the gym regularly.

Is delta-8-THC safe for use?

"Guy's our age need to stay in condition," Roland stated emphatically. "Taking fish oils, and stay away from those GMO (genetically modified organism) foods! No good for you!" After going on for several minutes, he then dropped this bombshell, "the best thing I ever did was to start smokin' weed and using CBD oil." This statement after a nearly endless lecture on treating your body as a shrine and eating organic foods.

"You do realize that a good deal of today's marijuana has been genetically altered, right," I said. He immediately went on the defensive about his pot smoking and then launched into a CBD lecture, then letting me in on a 'little secret' - he has