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CPR is brutal, undignified...and few survive it.

Last Wednesday, we published a blog about the POLST/MOLST form (please click to read), a topic that came about following a presentation on Advance Directives by certified elder law Attorney RJ Connelly III, to a group of seniors at an assisted living facility in Providence, Rhode Island. During the presentation, a handful of seniors expressed some disagreement on what the POLST/MOLST form was designed for and how it should be used for those in the home, which included assisted living and long-term care facilities. "Talking about end-of-life options is always an uncomfortable discussion to have but a necessary one given the graying of America," said Attorney Connelly.

Dr. Liz O'Riordan

The seniors raised many questions about the use of the form, which Attorney Connelly attempted to explain by using the words of the National POLST organization, but they continued to disagree with the premise. A few even stated that a POLST/MOLS