Congratulations To The Eleanor Slater Hospital Staff

The staff at Connelly Law offers our congratulations to those who have worked hard to once again gain full accreditation from The Joint Commission for the Eleanor Slater Hospital system. The hospital, Rhode Island's only facility for those with complex medical and psychiatric needs, was denied accreditation earlier in the year due to a number of issues that needed correction.

Zambarano Unit in Burrillville, RI

The Eleanor Slater system has campuses in Cranson and Burrillville, locations which have been the focus of scrutiny from both the media and lawmakers, who say that politics had played a role in the issues that were left unaddressed for years by multiple administrations.

"The staff at the hospital and many others deserve a great amount of credit for what they have been able to accomplish in a short period of time, from building conditions to the culture of care; they have addressed dozens of concerns,'' Rhode Island's Governor McKee told the media.

Similar thoughts were echoed by certified elder law attorney RJ Connelly III, who has multiple clients in care at the Slater Hospital locations. "Through all of this, patient care never faltered. When these stories hit the media, I was honestly surprised by the sheer number of people I networked with who were unaware of the wonderful work that occurs at the Slater Hospital facilities, and in particular at the Zambarano Unit in Burrillville, where I have intimate knowledge of the care they provide."

In an earlier blog, Connelly spoke in depth about the services and long term treatment planning provided by the staff at Zambarano, “In all the years of practicing elder law and advocating for seniors and those with disabilities, I have never witnessed a more professional and thorough treatment plan development and review like the one that occurs at the hospital. The entire treatment team is there, the plan is projected on a screen for all to see and changes are discussed and made contemporaneously with no one leaving that meeting not understanding the direction of care for that patient.”

Governor McKee

Media reports say that The Joint Commission will be back in six to eight months to check in on the plan, but according to the Governor, this will not affect the current accreditation. Today, another report is scheduled to be released regarding the financial issues that have plagued the facilities.

"What's important to remember here is that the problems that occurred at the Eleanor Slater Hospital system were the result of mismanagement and politics and not the dedicated staff who care for the patients," said Connelly. "One thing I came to learn from the staff is that when it comes to the patients, it's all about compassion and commitment and the relationships they have with them."

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