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Caring for the Caregivers, Part 3 - "Where the Seeds of Toxic Caregiving are Sown"

Welcome back to part three of our series on Caring for the Caregivers. In our first two blogs, we discussed how those who provide care can add to their stress levels based on an irrational belief system. This included a look at how accumulated life experiences form the basis for how we interpret those things that occur around us and react or respond based on those systems of beliefs and we discussed the importance of accepting reality and once we learn to do this, we can begin the process of diminishing self-induced stress and adopting a more realistic view of life.

One of the most stressful situations in life

Now, to be fair, this is not to minimize the stress of taking care of a loved one because it is tremendously stressful, one of the most emotional and stress-inducing situations in life. However, the point of these blogs is to learn why some people are more susceptible to stress than others (and if you are one of them, help you know that you are not alone) and discuss some behaviors that may help you eliminate some self-induced stress while