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Caring for Caregivers, Part 4. A Guide to Rational Thinking

In the last three blogs, we discussed where irrational beliefs may have came so you would have some context as to why some caregivers end up having tremendous anxiety and the need to medicate the anxiety away or react to stress in an unhealthy manner. Now let's look at ways to deal with changing this belief system using a simple ABC method.

We have goals. We want to accomplish them. We want to succeed. Be it in a job, a relationship, caregiving, school, etc. But for some, an irrational belief system can block them from achieving their goals. Make no mistake about it, these beliefs are entrenched and difficult to replace but we can begin to change the way we look process and respond to things. But, it takes practice, practice, practice.

The understanding of how our beliefs create problems for us is nothing new. We humans are fallible and always have been. In fact, this was understood dating back to th