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"Brain Boosters" - Do They Help Mild Cognitive Impairment and Dementia?

Brain Boosters. They are an ever-growing field of medications and supplements known as Nootropics - cognitive enhancers and smart drugs - that continue to gain traction in the United States Nootropics is a compound word that was created in 1972 by two Greek words ‘nous’ which means mind, and ‘tropos’ which means to bend or turn. For this blog, we will focus on the over the counter supplements, targeting older adults and those experiencing cognitive difficulties.

We’ve all seen them in stores and heard them advertised on television, promising increased cognitive abilities and the ability to boost memory. The ads all tout the same thing, that their product “keeps your mind sharp and memory strong with an ingredient that’s clinically proven to improve memory and recall in healthy adults. It’s powered by the #1 clinically studied ingredient for memory among leading brain health supplements.”