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Weird Nostalgia for a Weird Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day 2020 was like no other in memory, you certainly don't need to be told that. On a day when extended family usually gather around a table to share a meal and express thanks for what we have, COVID-19 quashed this annual get together. To say that 2020 has been a weird year would be doing a disservice to the word weird.

As if forced closures of everything from factories to gyms were not enough, then came the edict from those we elected forbidding large family gatherings for the holidays. In New York State, their governor employed teams of law enforcement officials to count the number of cars in driveways and encouraged neighbors to report any large gatherings to a special hotline. In Pennsylvania, the governor ordered that its residents not only wear masks in public but in the home as well.

So for those that did gather, the groups were smaller, the entertainment limited, and the normal spirit for the beginning of the holiday season was lacking. At the function I attended, there was a wonderful mix of young and old, who initially exchanged pleasantries before the food was served -- buffet style. After dinner, the kids made a beeline to the upstairs for a round of video games while the adults retreated into the living room for conversation.