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Connelly Law Offices was once again on the road providing free community education workshops to organizations that provide services to seniors as part of the firm’s mission.

In response to a blog about the increase in Senior Bullying issues at senior care facilities that appeared on our firm’s website, Lori Levine, Director of Social Services at Heritage Hills Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Smithfield, Rhode Island reached out and requested a workshop for staff and residents at the facility.

Working with the senior population for many years, Lori recognized that this is an issue that continues to present itself across the elder care spectrum and needs to be an ongoing discussion for those providing services.

“It is not uncommon for elders living in a nursing home or assisted living residence to display negative behaviors. There are many individual factors that contribute to this however, when you have people with progressive cognitive disorders living together, it is to be expected that difficult, unpredictable and even unprovoked behaviors will occur. Whether intentional or not, it impacts everyone's quality of life and can be very distressing to not only residents, but to family members, visitors and even staff,” said Lori.

Don Drake, a presenter for Connelly Law’s Community Education Series and retired licensed clinician in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, facilitated the workshop at Heritage Hills. Residents and staff participated in a spirited discussion about bullying, how to identify it and how to respond to it.

"Our 'Seniors Bullying Seniors' presentation is the most requested from our Senior Health and Wellness workshops. It's apparent that the resident profile is changing and with that change comes behaviors that have not been a concern in the past. There are a number of reasons for this and we discuss them in our presentation," said Drake.

Two weeks after this event, Attorney RJ Connelly presented a workshop on Medicaid Planning at the Scandinavian Communities in Cranston, Rhode Island for residents, their families and the staff.

“Long-term care planning is a critical component of estate planning, and as an elder

law attorney, I spend a great deal of time discussing this and helping clients navigate the myriad of long-term care options and how to pay for it,” said Attorney Connelly. “And no matter how financially prepared someone thinks they are, long-term care has continually changing factors and people need to know this -- that’s a part of our firm’s commitment to the senior community.”

During the presentation, Attorney Connelly discussed how to organize and track long-term care expenses and the importance of advocacy in long-term care. He also discussed the differences in Medicare and Medicaid, the importance of early planning and what to do if a crisis situation arises and someone needs long term care.

“It was a great group of people who asked pertinent questions about a very important subject that will impact everyone,” stated Attorney Connelly.

The education we provide can be separated into two levels – Elder Law and Senior Health and Wellness Issues.

Elder Law is an extremely complicated area of law and especially important with a skyrocketing aging population. Knowing all the facets of this practice area requires a deep knowledge of multiple areas which includes estate planning, Medicaid planning, guardianships and much more.

Our Community Education series provide free workshops that are constantly updated to reflect the latest legal changes at the state and federal levels. These workshops include:

  • Estate Planning

  • Medicaid Planning

  • Guardianships and Advanced Directives

  • Trusts and Wills

  • Daily Money Management and Fiduciary Services for Seniors

  • Elder Exploitation – How to Recognize it, How to Address it.

  • Planning for the Unexpected

  • Retirement 101

Our Senior Health and Wellness presentations include:

  • Seniors Bullying Seniors

  • The Silent Epidemic – Addiction in Seniors

  • Baby Boomers and Hepatitis C

  • The Opioid Epidemic in Seniors

  • Identifying Addiction in Seniors

  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases in the Senior Population

  • Staff Communication

Our workshops are provided free of charge to seniors, families, and staff at the following locations:

  • Employers providing retirement planning for employees

  • Senior Living Communities

  • Nursing homes

  • Assisted Living facilities

  • Any organization working with seniors and their families

  • Church groups and civic organizations

To schedule a presentation, go to the following location on our website:

Or call us at 855-724-9400 and ask for Don Drake or send him an email at

All presentations are tailored to the type of audience we are presenting to taking into account size, age, content and length of time allotted for the presentation. Connelly Law Offices, Ltd. is committed to educating our seniors, their families and those who work with them.

Attorney Connelly practices in the area of elder law. This area of law involves Medicaid planning and asset protection advice for those individuals entering nursing homes, planning for the possibility of disability through the use of powers of attorney for the both health care and finances, guardianship, estate planning, probate and estate administration, preparation of wills, living trusts and special or supplemental needs trusts. He represents clients primarily in the states of Rhode Island, Connecticut and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. He was certified as an Elder Law Attorney (CELA) by the National Elder Law Foundation (NELF) in 2008. Attorney Connelly is licensed to practice before the Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Federal Bars.


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