Connelly Law's Community Education Series 2018

As a person who works with seniors, families and those who provide services for them on a daily basis, I am committed to sharing any insight and knowledge I have gained through the years. Yes, elder law is my profession, but it is also my passion. As a person, I believe in family, honesty, equality, compassion and treating others as I want to be treated. Every morning, I wake up excited to go to my office because I get to live my values through serving others. I also know that I and those who work at our firm will only continue to grow by giving back to those who have made our success possible..

Given that, a major aspect of Connelly Law Offices, Ltd.’s philosophy is to make a meaningful difference in our community. We are deeply committed to this principle and as such, we have developed a Community Education Series, free workshops and in-service trainings designed to provide insight into elder law and senior issues. I and my staff approach our community education and training with the same level of energy, drive, integrity and innovative thinking as manifested in our elder law practice.

As stated earlier, we offer free financial, legal and health in-service presentations for seniors, families of seniors and those professionals who provide care for seniors for the following organizations:

  • Employers providing Retirement Planning for employees

  • Senior Living Communities

  • Nursing Homes

  • Assisted Living Facilities and Nursing Homes

  • Organizations working with Seniors and Families

This year, we have added quarterly workshops on all things Elder Law, focusing

on Estate Planning, Medicaid Planning, Fiduciary Services and Probate issues. These workshops will be held at our offices in Pawtucket, Rhode Island and Mystic, Connecticut and we are also planning to offer workshops on Martha’s Vineyard in the near future.

As with all of our presentations, they will be free and include a powerpoint presentation, handouts and a question and answer period.

We will be announcing these dates shortly so subscribe to our site for information on these workshops as well as to receive information on senior issues through our blogs, newsletters and handouts that we will make available.

Here are some of the other legal and financial workshops we offer:

  • Estate Planning

  • Retirement 101

  • Medicaid Planning

  • Wealth Management and Fiduciary Services

  • Elder Exploitation

Please go to the below link to read more on what these presentations contain:

Senior Health Related Presentations

We are also proud of the workshops we offer regarding healthcare issues. Our presenter on this side of our community education series is Don Drake.

Don, a retired licensed clinician in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, is a dedicated human services organizational trainer, change leader, team builder and

program developer with over 40 years of human services, law enforcement and security experience in a variety of milieus providing direct care, supervisory and managerial services which include correctional, residential, hospital/medical and out-patient settings. He is also a retired professional wrestler who is in the New England Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame.

He has over twenty years providing staff and community training in human services and correctional issues, licensing preparation, program and organizational development and curriculum development. He served as Program Administrator and clinical director at facilities in Boston, Hartford, Providence, and Philadelphia where he structured, hired, supervised and trained staff in providing behavioral and addictions treatments to adolescent, adult, and senior clients, including those with HIV/AIDS.

In 2012, he developed and hosted a major workshop featuring medical providers, state political leaders, law enforcement personnel and treatment program administrators at Shattuck Hospital in Boston called "Good Drugs Gone Bad" about the opioid epidemic and the over-prescribing of prescription pain medications.

He is also a webinar presenter for Avant Resources of Nashville, Tennessee which

provides timely guidance, education and information for today's business professionals, executives and managers in a convenient and innovative manner. Their educational programs cover employment law, human resource issues, leadership development, and topical issues that are relevant to adult learners be it employees, attorneys, accountants or top management. In that role, Drake discusses the issue of Opioid Use in the Workplace.

Here are some of the workshops presented by Drake:

  • The Silent Epidemic - Alcoholism and Addiction Among Seniors

  • Baby Boomers and Hepatitis C

  • The Opioid Epidemic and Seniors

  • Seniors Bullying Seniors

  • STD's and Today's Seniors

Every workshop includes a PowerPoint presentation, audience discussion and handouts and runs from 30 to 90 minutes depending on the subject. Call our office today at 855-724-9400 and ask about scheduling one of our free educational or in-service workshops or go to our workshop page and sign up for one. Click on the box below to visit our workshop page:

If you have a specific need that you do not see, please ask if we can provide a specialized workshop for your organization, clients, patients or staff. Connelly Law Offices remains committed to giving back to the communities, agencies and people who work tirelessly with an under-served demographic. We look forward to continuing our involvement in the communities in which we work and with those programs and agencies who protect and service our senior citizens.

Please click on the brochure below to download and print.

Attorney Connelly practices in the area of elder law. This area of law involves Medicaid planning and asset protection advice for those individuals entering nursing homes, planning for the possibility of disability through the use of powers of attorney for the both health care and finances, guardianship, estate planning, probate and estate administration, preparation of wills, living trusts and special or supplemental needs trusts. He represents clients primarily in the states of Rhode Island, Connecticut and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. He was certified as an Elder Law Attorney (CELA) by the National Elder Law Foundation (NELF) in 2008. Attorney Connelly is licensed to practice before the Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Federal Bars.

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