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Alzheimer's Diagnosis - Part 1

Alzheimer's Blog - Connelly Law Offices, Ltd.

The Alzheimer’s Association has designated June as Alzheimer and Brain Awareness month. During this month, I will pen a series of blogs discussing the legal planning that needs to take place once a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s is made.

As many of you know, a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s is not only life changing for the person with the disease but for the family as well. The knowledge that a loved one will slowly slip away is emotionally devastating but also presents many practical issues that must be addressed from preparing for daily care to making sure all financial and legal affairs are in order. But before we go into those issues, let’s take a brief look at the disease itself.

Alzheimer’s continues to be largely misunderstood despite the amount of information that is available. There are many people who still believe that Alzheimer’s is just an issue with memory. The fact is this disease is fatal and is now the sixth leading cause of death in the United States.