Credit Card Fraud Continues

For seniors who thought that the new chip cards would help cut down on fraud and abuse, think again. It seems that scammers adjust to new technology or take advantage of lagging technology to defraud people of their hard earned assets. Part of the problem is that many merchants have not installed the needed technology to use the chip cards. In a report by the consulting firm of Javelin Strategy and Research, nearly half of the credit card fraud reports occurred at merchants who did not have the chip technology. Even more alarming, even with this “anti-fraud technology”, identity theft has risen nearly 18% since 2015. Bottom line is this, so far there is no technology that is fool proof, so it is important for seniors to protect their passwords, credit cards and assets. Don’t let someone take from you in minutes what you worked your whole life to accumulate. Estate planning and wealth management can help protect you against this crime.

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